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About PalmRam

A third-generation Jyotish expert, Ram Kumar specialises in Vashikaran and astrological remedial solutions. With over 36 years in the field of astrology, he has successfully served around 3 lakh people.

What Do We Do ?

Astrology studies the planets, their positions and their impact on a person’s life. Ram Kumar is an expert astrologer who is known for his astrological readings, astrological calculations and Kundli solution. He performs remedial solutions to various concerns in religious places like Haridwar, Kamakhya Mata, Pushkar and Ajmer.

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We offer comprehensive astrological solutions for concerns like divorce, property disputes, improving family harmony, visa and career solutions, black magic removal and marriage remedies. Make your life prosperous with astrological solutions!

Achievements And Awards

The service of mankind is the true service. Ram Kumar believes that every problem resolved is a happier person. Throughout his career, he has successfully served over three (3) lakh people.

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What My Client Say

We believe that we have helped improve someone’s life only when they find peace and are relieved.

“Ram Kumar ji is different from all the astrologers. His predictions are accurate and I have consulted him 4-5 times for different issues. His predictions have given me hope towards life. My friends also consult him now for their concerns.”


“I was struggling financially when my friend suggested a consultation with Ram ji. He told me remedies that were simple to perform. My finances improved and I discovered new sources of side income. This has helped me a lot. I believe in his predictions and remedies. I’m grateful to Ram Kumar ji for helping me in such a time.”


“ Ram Kumar ji is one of the best I have ever consulted. I have been working in my current company for over 7 years. I always felt that I’m not appreciated or given the due promotion. With simple remedies, things changed for the better. I got promoted within 2 months. My seniors value my work and ask for my inputs. I feel blessed to have found him. My wife says I’m happier now and this has improved my family life as well. Thanks sir.”


“. I was experiencing severe health concerns when I got to know about astrologer Ram Kumar. I had been to various astrologers but I never found their readings to be accurate. His past reading, patri and face reading were very accurate in my case. He told me about the dasha because of which I was facing the problems and gave me solutions. I followed them and got a lot of relief. I continued consulting him for health and now my family also believes in him. My son’s career path had some blockages which were cleared because of Ram Kumar ji. ”


“Ram Kumar Ji has genuinely helped me and my family. His predictions and advices are good. The remedies he gives are very helpful for that situation. I have saved my marriage with his advice. I now have a very loving and steady relationship. The remedies helped me in creating a harmonious life.”


“You are great sir. Thank you for helping me. You are one of the best astrologers and palmists. Your readings and predictions are accurate. Your guidance was comforting and has helped me come out of very difficult situations. Your command over the astrological sciences is commendable. May you achieve great heights sir.”